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Sony 2UPCC14
Sony 2UPCC14

Sony 2UPC-C14 SnapLab Print Pack

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Sony 2UPC-C14 SnapLab Print Pack for UPCR10L and UPXC1
Part Number: 2UPCC14
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8+ $96.75
2UPC-C14 Print Media Pack
Paper size (border less): 4" x 6" inches
Contents: Self-laminating color print pack for the UP-CR10L Snap Lab 4 x 6, 400 total prints; 2 rolls of print paper (200 prints each).
Produce high quality prints, with this UV protected paper.
Excellent for archiving digital images.

Use with Sony SnapLab UPCR10L & UPCX1

Manufactured by DNP as of April 1, 2011


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