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DNP Extended Service Plan for DNP Printers

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DNP Extended Service Plan for DNP Printers
Part Number: DNP-ESP
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DNP Extended Service Plans

A DNP 3-Year Extended Warranty takes the risk out of ownership by minimizing unexpected repair costs. DNP ESP's offer 100% of covered parts and labor beyond the manufacturer's limited product warranty AND offers flexible coverage to match your operational usage needs.

Compare the DNP 3-Year ESP to the competition: DNP offers TWO TIMES THERMAL PRINT HEAD COVERAGE at a very affordable price. Protect yourself against downtime during peak usage and trust in DNP since all repairs are made with Genuine DNP parts by factory-trained and certified technicians.

When to Purchase
Service plans may be purchased at the time of hardware purchase, or after hardware purchases, but within 30 days of purchase.
Proof of purchase must be sent in with registration in order for plan to be activated.

Important Note

1. When purchasing a 3-Year ESP, the thermal print head warranty limits are extended to twice the standard manufacturer's warranty.


DS40 The earlier of 3 Years or 80,000 prints (4" x 6")

DS80 The earlier of 3 Years or 20,000 prints (8" x 10")

ID400 The earlier of 3 Years or 4,000 prints (4" x 6")

RX1 The earlier of 3 Years or 60,000 prints (4" x 6")

SL10 The earlier of 3 Years of 20,000 prints (4" x 6")

2. Stand-alone printer plans sold prior to ESP launch are grandfathered.
No additional "old" plans can be sold.
End user pays inbound freight and DNP pays for outbound ground freight.

Valid only in the USA

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