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DNP DS-RX1HS High Speed Digital Photo Printer RX1HS

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DNP DS-RX1HS High Speed Digital Photo Printer RX1HS
Part Number: DS-RX1HS
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4+ $429.95
Comes with FREE 3 Years Advance Exchange Warranty ($399 value) !

The New DS-RX1HS printer

Boosts print speed by as much as 20%!
  • Newly designed compact printer is ideal for Photo Booth applications (12.6? W x 11? H)
  • Aimed at portable Event Photography use, weighing only 30 lbs.
  • Improved print speeds allow you to produce 290 4x6 prints per hour
  • Earth-friendly, utilizing 25% less power, in peak, idle, and running modes
  • Expand your business with high quality and affordability!
Additional features include:
  • Improved operational support with the addition of USB iSerial for printing to multiple DS-RX1HS printers
  • New Status App for Windows OS, a helper app to monitor your printer during operation.
  • Other useful apps are also available for download from our web site: www.dnpphoto.com/support.
The printer combines inexpensive hardware cost, low media prices, and high end capabilities.
With the largest print capacity in its class and rugged, durable design, the DS-RX1HS answers all the requirements for outstanding remote performance. Print sizes of **2x6", 4x6", and 6x8" provide a broad array of deliverables.

** Two 2? x 6? strips printed on 4? x 6?; Four 2? x 6? strips printed on 6? x 8?

The new DS-RX1HS printer requires the new RX1HS media.
The current RX1 media is not compatible with the new, faster DS-RX1HS printer.

The new RX1HS media is compatible with existing RX1 printers, however, DNP does not recommend using RX1HS media with a mixed fleet of printers.
As soon as you use all existing media, upgrade all of your printers and enjoy the new HS features with the new RX1HS media.
A firmware upgrade for the RX1 printer will be available as soon as mid-summer

New Part NumbersDescription
RX1HS-SET6" Dye-sublimation printer
RX1HS (46) 4" x 6" printer media - 1400 prints
RX1HS (68)6" x 8" printer media - 700 prints

1 year USA warranty is included. Click HERE for full details

Compatible with DNP’s Hot Folder Print Utility (Win Only)
download it free here:
and user guide is here:

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